Feminism and Fashion 

We have noticed lately that a lot of designers are expressing their views though their art. Whether it is their political or social views, as a brand that prides ourselves in empowerment and telling your truth it's so refreshing to see bigger brands show their point of view. This is not the first time fashion has had something to say, the 90's were filled with styles and trends that were either rebelling against politics or bringing people together. Over the last few seasons there have been a few political statement made though fashion topics like immigration and police brutality have been at the forefront, but we are now seeing a new wave of what we would like to call feminism appreciation. Brands like prabal gurung and Dior are just some brands who are not afraid to make it known that "the future is female". As female designers it gives us a sense of empowerment that brands as big as Dior care about woman and feminism. 

Initially our foundation collection was based around quotes we heard when we were younger e.g. "Your pretty for a black girl" we took these quotes which are negative and turned them into something positive some thing bold. Someone that any woman can wear and feel as amazing as she wants to feel. 

Normally politics and the arts correlate, it's just the way it has worked whether it's in the form of film, music or fashion there is always a message to say and the more people say it the closer we get to everyone having the basic rights we all deserve as human beings.