It's been a hot minute...

Listening to Chance the Rapper- Colouring book, literally in love with this guy!!! Makes me feel uncomfortable with his contradictive lyrics but it’s in a good way. Music should make you feel and think, to be honest I never really liked his to begin with someone convinced me to, if you like him you will love childish Gambino.


Anyways I know some of you have been wondering what we have been up too, but to be honest we have been concentrating on our brand in terms of appearance, being careful what we post on social media etc.

I remember a couple of months ago we attended a talk and Angelica hicks (that’s her Instagram name) spoke to us about how our brand is represented through everything we do, that means we always have to be on guard with “what is best for a brand”… I’m sure by now you know that they is two of us…unfortunately we can’t be together all the time 24/7 especially that we already live so far away from each other. “what is best for the brand” is solely relayed on our communication, how well we inform each other on our everyday adventures. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we can’t use our phone, those times are hard because comprehension difficult, which means you have to work extra hard to understand what the other is saying; so we try to use visuals as much as we can.

Brand awareness is something are still learning, every day brings something new, new ideas, new people we just have to sieve out what is best for our brand AAugust.

Our advice to anyone that is trying to start up a Brand, Blog, VVlog, YouTube channel whatever it is just make sure it’s coming from a place of passion and truth.