Let's get into it 

Hi guys, we was really inspired today by a number of things actually, firstly last night we watched a movie called Roger Dodger (2002) written and directed by Dylan Kidd…very interesting movie. It’s one of those movies you watch waiting to see where it would go. It is packed with laugh-out-loud lines, oodles of cool, cruel metropolitan savvy and a bit of a gag at the end. Roger is the product, trying to make women feel miserable about themselves and then offering himself as the cure. He is very optimist and a sucker for love in as much as he tries to mask it….my next post will have illustrations of how the movie made me feel (including the off screen colours) but for now my focus will be on the illustration’s we did today….

Two seasons ago Viktor & Rolf produced a collection- AUTUMN/WINTER 2016 COUTURE (have a look if you have time) weaving their own fashion history into rag-rug embellishments on vintage trenchcoats, military jackets, sweatshirts and denim. We wanted to challenge ourselves to create something different from fragments of the past. “The first feeling we had was, ‘We want something organic,’” Horsting said during a preview. “We were thinking of conscious designing, and recycling. It felt kind of logical.”

We loved this collection, the weaving was very similar to our first collection, so we went back to our concept which was “ORGANIC” somewhat similar to theirs.

The fashion industry is all about making something “new” turning something old to fresh, we believe people love to see something they haven’t seen before, so we started experimenting. Mixing our two collections to make something “fresh” thank God for Photoshop and illustrator, it’s so much easier especially when you aren’t sure of your end result. Luckily for us this experiment worked out great for us….. great enough maybe to organise a photoshoot who knows stay turned….


Emelda & Suwi