Let's get to business 

​​​​​Last week we took part in an industry talk at our old university! it was scary but such a good experience at the same time. The university of Bedfordshire has always been really supportive of us and always there for us though out AAugust journey. we talked about our success so far and how we have got to this stage in our career's. This was our first professional talk and the first time we were actually talking about our work and to a large group of people. the talk went well and we hope we inspired some people, and give them hope that you can have success after university. And really what people do not tell you about the industry and what you are expected to do. 

The day before our talk we had a photoshoot ay the university of our Lookbook, we got in contact with some models we worked with at Africa fashion week and another model we met though social media. We also want to make a short film with some footage taken by our very talented friend Claude. The shoot went well and we can not wait to share the final outcome of the of the fashion film and the photoshoot.

The two days were really magical for us, going back to our university brought back so many memories for us and so many good times. Talking to the students was amazing, still kinda surprised that they actually listened to what we wanted to say. As for the film/photoshoot we are so excited and can't wait to show you want we have done very soon!! We are always looking for collaborations whether you are a photographer, model or another designer get in touch!! we might just be magic together.

Emelda & Suwi